Paul Eastwood

International Comedian

With his 20 years experience in the business, Craig has mastered the art of taking a holiday park and creating an entertainment experience that works and where guests return time and time again!


Tomas Brain


This was my very first season working as an entertainer at Devon Valley and would love to thank Craig for giving me this experience and the hope I can carry it on in the future!


Lee, Jimmy & Spike

Music Group 911

Working with Craig for the past 10 years has been very organised and very smooth in every aspect of the music business that we have approached. Very professional in dealing with everything within the entertainment industry.


Lucy Byrne


Worked alongside Craig and his team over the summer. Enhancing Entertainment provides both great entertainment and loads of fun!


Aimee Cole


Thoroughly enjoyed assisting in judging the talent competition at Tencreek Holiday park!! What a gentleman Craig Holman is. And what a fabulous, kind and welcoming team of yellowcoats from Enhancing Entertainment!


John Whybrow

Butlins Entertainments Manager

With over 20 years in the Entertainment business, Craig is one of the most professional Entertainment Managers in the UK.


Harriet Wise


Really enjoyed my time as a Yellowcoat and working with Craig at Enhancing Entertainment. It was a fab experience and I learnt lots about the performing industry as well!


Lesley Ann Pritchard

Professional Vocalist

I have had the pleasure of working with Craig many times and the professionalism which both he and the Enhancing Entertainment team members he has trained has always been to the highest of standards, making my job as a visiting artiste an easy and pleasurable experience.


Stephen Mulhern

Television Presenter

Having worked with Craig for many years I can say that he gives every audience where ever he is involved a real experience


Martin Coleman

Professional Entertainer

I've worked with Craig and his well-trained teams many times over the years and he never disappoints. It's refreshing to find a true and seasoned professional with good old fashioned etiquette in the business, as well as an enthusiastic and disciplined approach.


Niall Dignall


Working with Craig has boosted my confidence so much! There is so much support and if I need to know anything I know that I could just contact him. I will continue to work with Enhancing Entertainment. Highly recommend this company to anyone trying to get into the industry!


Anne George

Trevor George Entertainment

Craig Holman is a breath of fresh air for the industry. Specializing in an area that is vital to the success of each venue.


Jonny Lodge


It has been a fun packed time and with the support and guidance of Craig I have 'enhanced as an entertainer'. Look forward to working with them again which I'm sure I will as Craig is offering me advice and help for next season. Highly recommend to any one currently in the business or wanting to start.


Rachel Leigh

Yellowcoat Entertainer

Craig has helped me to build confidence in myself and take on new challenges as a Coat and as an Entertainer. He has been a big inspiration to me.


Ben Murphy

Veteran Cabaret Artiste

Having known Craig Holman for 25 years I must say that there is nothing that he doesn’t know about the roles of entertainment managers and teams.


Tony Cornell

Universal Shows Dubai

Craig consistently delivers the wow factor and has proved time and time again that his brand of family entertainment will appeal to people of all ages across international borders.


Scott Condliffe

Freshwater Beach

Craig is a very experienced entertainment professional and has provided our holiday park with many coat-style entertainers and entertainment managers. His showcases are a great way of meeting and recruiting staff. For us Enhancing Entertainment is the fifth emergency service.


Dan Molloy

Chelsil Beach

I contacted Enhancing Entertainment looking for a male vocalist and entertainer. Within a few days they got back to me and 2 days later we had employed someone. Very professional from start to finish. Would not hesitate to use again and would recommend to everyone.


Mark and Rob

Dolphin Holidays

Professional and Attentive. Enhancing Entertainment has provided a quality service for many years. Enhancing Entertainment has turned the entertainment on our park from mediocre to marvelous.


Brian Hall

Resort Amusement Manager

In the 20 years of knowing Craig and working with him in many countries he has never failed to deliver, he has a great eye for talent and is a great developer - Craig is all about fun, fun & fun.


Adam Barker

Coat Style Entertainer

Craig encouraged me in every aspect of the job to push myself to the best of my abilities and I can now compere and perform to a variety of audiences and I am being still encouraged to push myself further.


Phil Blackmore

Cabaret Entertainer

As a cabaret act touring holiday centres with my extreme juggler show I see a lot of entertainments teams. Craig and his teams are among the best. They know how to work the room and create a great fun party atmosphere!


Laura Manderson


Craig has a wealth of knowledge and experience at his fingertips that he willingly passes on to anyone who works for him. His professionalism and dedication mean that he gets great results every time. I would highly recommend working with him!




Working with Enhancing Entertainment was first professional job as an entertainer and it really started my career off. It is an experience I won't forget and I created so many memories. I still go to Craig about job opportunities and he is always there to help. Highly Recommended.


Lee Macdonald

Actor - Grange Hill

Yo Craig - I just want to say you and your team are absolutely brilliant! Every time we holiday with you we all have such a great time and the kids LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to see you this summer, all the best and thank you all so much.


Paula Kenny

Destination Dance

I have worked with Enhancing Entertainment as a dancer and more recently as a choreographer. Providing dancers for Craig's shows I have found him the ultimate professional, but all with an easy laid back approach. The standard of entertainment he provides is always outstanding with every audience left on their feet wanting more.


Mark-Andrew Smith

Cabaret Artiste

Craig’s teams are always well presented, well trained and with a great attitude to the job.


Ben Nickless


Craig is fantastic at getting entertainment at all his venues at its very best, he always employs a great team and knows how to control a room and give them the highest standard of entertainment.


Taylor Murphy

UEFA Television

I’ve worked with Craig - director of Enhancing Entertainment - on a number of occasions over the last 20 years or so and can honestly say he’s one of the most professional, loyal, experienced and funny guys I’ve ever worked with. I always look forward to the next time.


Martyn Walker


I have no doubt in my mind anyone utilising Enhancing Entertainments will benefit from his dynamic fresh approach to both business and the positive influence he has around developing and supporting talent and helping individuals flourish.


Ronald Hancock


As a guest on some campsites where Enhancing Entertainment have been working I must say that the entertainment has been brilliant, the entertainers very professional and always polite. We have had some great evenings and would like to congratulate all involved with Enhancing Entertainment. Keep up the good work.


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